Ancestral method

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Wines elaborated with this method are made exclusively from grape varieties which are considered highly aromatic.

The first fermentation lasts 3 weeks in an open vat, then continues in a closed vat for a further week allowing a “prise de mousse” of great finesse and lightness.

The three months lees ageing period helps accentuate the aromatic richness which has always typified our cuvées throughout our history.

The temperature is controlled throughout the fermentation and when just the right balance of aromas, sweetness and alcohol has been reached, the wine is cold stabilized.

This means that no extra sugar needs to be added. The result are wines which are pleasing, fruity and low in alcohol (7.5%). This wines have also light and very fine bubbles.

Discover our wines made according the ancestral method

 Fruity wines, fresh-faced with light vibes