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Our allegiance to Savoy and our skill in producing fine sparkling wines have always been core values of our identity as can be seen in our historical documents.


This can be seen from a photograph found in our archives depicting our first company logo which illustrates both the elegance and simplicity of our wine house.

The images below show one of our first logos represented a vine leaf associated with a glass of sparkling wine.

In the 1970’s a publicity poster expands on this theme in more detail by adding an image of a typical cork used for reputed Traditional Method wines. At the same time our archive documents depict the vineyards of Savoy with its characteristic hillsides..

The Varichon & Clerc logo bears witness to the brand’s roots, which extend deep into the Savoy region. In the same vein our logo later evolved on the same themes but with more originality.

It includes the three main symbols of the area: 

·  The Mountains: Freshness symbolized by Mont Blanc,
·  The Edelweiss flower: Signifying purity and rarity,
·  The Chamois: Representing balance and elegance. 


A strong allegiance to our region of origin