• Heritage

    Founded in the Savoy region, Varichon  & Clerc remains faithfully attached to the deep roots of its original Savoy terroir

  • A unique style

    Varichon & Clerc offers a light and invigorating style of wines, full of fruit and freshness

  • Influences

    In the Varichon & Clerc range you will find a freshness which is typical of wines that are influenced by the mountains of the Savoy

  • Typicality

    Varichon & Clerc invites you to discover the expressive personality of wines which reflect the authenticity and character of Savoy wines

  • Delight

    At Varichon & Clerc you will also discover wines that are rich and fruity but refreshingly light


that come together in a pure expression of the unique character of Savoy wines