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Grape varities

100% Gamay.


Ancestrale® Rouge Intense was made with Gamay, a naturally very aromatic grape variety, vinified according to the ancestral method.
The first fermentation took place in an open vat then continued in a closed vat allowing a “prise de mousse” of great finesse and lightness.
We controlled the temperature throughout the process and when just the right balance of aromas, sweetness and alcohol was reached, the wine was cold-stabilized. This means that no extra sugar was added.
As a result, l’Ancestrale® Rouge Intense is pleasing, fruity and naturally light in alcohol (7.5%). It fully express the typicity and character of Gamay. 

Tasting notes

Violet red colour with lasting and abundant bubbles. 

Pronounced aromas of red fruits, strawberry and blackberry. 

Well-balanced to the taste, full and rich with a touch of acidity on the finish. Nuances of red fruit such as wild strawberry and raspberry are also present.

Food and wine pairing

Ancestrale Rouge Intense will be perfect  for a cocktail buffet, with a chocolate cake or for a party between friends.

Serving suggestions

Serve well-chilled, between 4° and 6°C.

Additional information

Residual sugars : 55-60 g/L.
Alcohol : 7.5%
Quality aromatic sparkling wine.
Product of France.
Volume content : 750 mL.